For Sale
Following are items that I have for sale. Email me if you are interested. For those items without links, I'll add pictures and details some day.

These items are located in San Jose, California.

Kennedy Tool Boxes (Machinist tool boxes and regular tool boxes)

Honda CB500 (CB550?) Gas Tank

Yamaha RT1 Engine

HP/Agilent 16500B and 16500C Logic Analyzers (email for details)

Double Angle Collets for Double Angle Tool Holders (email for details)

Universal Kwik Switch Acura-Flex Collets (email for details)

Akro-Mils Black Anti-static plastic storage bins (email for details)

Parts for free or almost free (save this from the scrap heap)

Misc. parts, motors, relays, pneumatic actuators, inspection cameras, electric motor drive boards, industrial fuses, etc. (maintenance parts from a production line facility - parts came from some parts cabinets I bought).

Updated March 31, 2010